The Farm


Free Country Farm, LLC is a transitional organic farm in northwest Georgia near the Alabama-Georgia line. We practice sustainable, organic agriculture, and are pursuing our USDA Organic certification. We exclusively practice organic methods and are in the waiting period prior to certification. At just over 75 acres we are one of the largest organic farms in Georgia. Our farm borders a half mile of the Tallapoosa river. We have 40 acres cleared for cultivation, 3 ponds, and 2 wells. We average over 50 varieties of produce planted at any given time. We grow all 4 seasons of the year.

The farm is founded on the principles of self-reliance, integrity in our work, and shared innovation in our practices. We grow and sell organic produce locally through Farmer’s Markets in the Greater Atlanta Metro area, and through our member driven Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

We also innovate agricultural methods and technologies. Our grid farming process, open source designs, and simplified organic agricultural principles will be posted here on this site and made freely available to small farmers everywhere.

We believe in best-of-breed technologies applied to ancient principles that have fed mankind for millenia.

Our innovations are mechanical rather than chemical and demonstrate that technology can coexist beneficially with ecology.

To learn more read our Grid Farming page. Then you can join our site to read wikis, download files, and participate in our forums with other organic farmers.

If you live in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area then you too can become a part of local sustainable agriculture. Please visit our farm-to-table and farm-to-market links: CSA, Grow To Order, Market Truck, and Grocery. and get involved in our workshops and seminars. Local CSA members can participate in our seasonal planting and planning process.

At Free Country Farm, our farm is your farm. For us, the earth is truly a shared resource, one that can benefit us all.

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